Five years ago, my daughter Cara and I started Tao Yuan Restaurant in Brunswick, Maine with the idea of creating a meal of “perfect bites.” Our vision was of locally sourced ingredients, combined with Asian flavors and modern cooking techniques, on small plates designed for sharing and sampling many dishes in a single meal. Since then, we have opened BaoBao Dumpling House and (coming this summer) Lio Wine Restaurant both in Portland Maine.  We continue to strive to redefine the food-making process, forming partnerships with local farms and fisheries, using whole animals, including the “waste products” that many restaurants throw away, and cultivating not only a sustainable food model, but a sustainable business model for all our employees. We have a few exciting projects in the works: in addition to opening Lio, we’re in the process of building a pastry shop/cafe next door to Tao in Brunswick – with an aquaponics greenhouse on the roof!

This blog is a window into our process and the philosophy behind it.   Various members of our amazing team will share stories, recipes, and perspectives on the industry. Want to know something in particular?  Follow, comment, and join the conversation.

— Cecile Stadler, Co-owner